Introducing Rubber Ducking: A Podcast about all things “frontend”

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Spencer Miskoviak

November 10, 2018

Logo created by Brad Turner

🤔 Why “YATP?”

“Yet Another Tech Podcast”

One day, Chris mentioned something to me about starting a podcast to discuss frontend related topics. I had just seen this tweet, so I couldn’t help but laugh and reply with it.

Although there are a lot of great tech podcasts out there already, we think everyone has unique experiences and perspective that are worth sharing. We both enjoy publishing on Medium but wanted to explore another medium (no pun intended).

One of the core values at Handshake is “Learn. Grow. Repeat.” We see the podcast as an opportunity to do this by exploring new ideas and technology, and refining our ability to share them. However, our favorite part is sharing what we are learning and contributing to the community.

🦆 Why “Rubber Ducking?”

The term comes from the idea that when you describe a problem to someone (for some engineers, it’s a rubber duck on their desk) the solution often becomes obvious. We often ask each other to “rubber duck” on an idea or issue we’re working on, so it felt like a natural fit for the podcast. Bonus points: it gave us an obvious logo!

🎧 How can I listen?!

The first few episodes of Rubber Ducking are available on:

Please listen, review and leave us a comment with your thoughts! We also welcome any feedback, questions or topic suggestions at



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